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The 20th "Tsinghua University Building Energy Conservation Academic Week" activity is coming

The 20th Tsinghua University Building Energy Efficiency Academic Week will be held from March 25 to 31, 2024. This academic week is sponsored by the Building Energy Efficiency Research Center of Tsinghua University and supported by the Think Tank Center of Tsinghua University. Since it was first held in 2005, with the strong support of domestic and foreign academic circles, governments at all levels and colleagues in the field of building energy efficiency, it has been continuously developed, and has become a platform for domestic and foreign academic circles, business circles and governments at all levels to communicate information and exchange experience in the field of building energy efficiency, which plays a certain role in disseminating scientific concepts of building energy efficiency and promoting the development of building energy efficiency. We sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life will work with us to stick to this activity and make it better and better. We also look forward to comrades who work in the front line of building energy conservation, government leaders who organize and manage building energy conservation work, and friends from all walks of life who care about building energy conservation can participate in this academic week and express your ideas. Jointly plan and design China's building energy conservation plan, and contribute to the realization of China's energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development.

Haier smart building heat pump: both central air conditioning, but also floor heating

Different from traditional air conditioning, Haier Smart building Cloud heating Pro can be used in three forms of floor heating, radiator and wind disk. For users, summer can be used as air conditioning, winter can be used as floor heating, one machine dual-use rate is higher, users worry and convenient.

So, what about comfort? In summer, the cloud warm Pro achieves ±0.5 ° C accurate temperature control, and the wind is softer, avoiding temperature fluctuations caused by colds and other discomfort. In winter, to achieve rapid heating, warm and not dry, water heating is more comfortable.

With the advantage of differentiated solutions, Haier heat pump central air conditioning has achieved the share of "three consecutive crowns". Previously, Haier ultra-low temperature air source heat pump in Mohe, the northernmost city in China, also achieved outdoor -39 ° C, indoor temperature reached 18 ° C, and obtained the "harsh natural environment field certification Certificate" issued by CVC.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

When it comes to major appliances, everyone is extra cautious when shopping. After all, large appliances means a large expenditure, but also durable goods, so whether the purchase is appropriate, not only related to the cost of investment, but also about the use of experience. Especially "air conditioning", as an indispensable household appliances, more attention should be paid.

However, in the face of the market dazzling models, brands, indeed also let many people step on the pit.

How to buy central air conditioning, central air conditioning classification, composition, air duct unit science and technology

Air conditioning system was first invented by Willis Carrier, the founder of the Carrier Corporation, the technology gradually spread in the Americas as well as Europe, the early American companies are mainly based on the development of water as the refrigerant air conditioning system. Then Japan also followed, designed to Freon as the refrigerant of the central air conditioning system, and in the international market has achieved a lot of share. With the increase in domestic demand for central air conditioning, some of China's air conditioning manufacturers have also accelerated the research and development in the field of central air conditioning, designed a number of central air conditioning products with independent intellectual property rights.

Four standards for protective equipment for high-level biosafety laboratories, including the Chemical Shower Disinfection Device, were released.

Chemical Shower Disinfection Device" and "Live Toxic Sewage Treatment Device" led by China National Accreditation Center for Conformity Assessment (CNAC), "Life Support System for Biosafety Laboratory" and "Positive Pressure Bio-Protective Clothing" led by Institute of Health and Service Protection Technology, Research Institute of Systems Engineering, Military Academy of Sciences (RISES), and a total of 4 standards, all of which are formally issued on the official website of China Association for Standardization of Engineering Construction (CASEC), have been put into effect since June 1, 2024. June 1, 2024 onwards.

Gree Group welcomes new chairman

Against the background of the deepening of state-owned enterprise reforms
Recently, Zhuhai's state-owned enterprises
Occurred a number of personnel changes
Gree Group, water control group officially "change of command"
Newly formed Zhuhai transportation holding group
The new general manager is also in place
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