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Fresh Air Unit Heat Recovery Ventilator

Air Volume :110~5000 m3/h
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Product Description
Product Information
Compact Machine, Convenient Installation
The thickness of machine can be easily installed in the narrow residential ceiling. The width of the machine whose air flow rate is under 300m3/h is less than 600mm, which is particularly suitable for very narrow spaces in the ceiling, and can save the space of installation, it is more convenient for construction.
Airflow System
Energy Saving Analysis
In summer operation, when the cold energy of 27℃ air discharged from indoor pass through the heat exchanger, the 35℃ outdoor hot air is pre-cooled to 29.4℃ fresh air 
and supplied to indoors, as shown above, the air conditioner only needs to cool the air by 2.4℃ to maintain a comfortable room temperature and fresh air. In this proccess, the discharge air pre-cools the fresh air by HRV, The temperature recovery efficiency in cooling is 70% max, and enthalpy exchange efficiency is 57% max.

In winter operation, when the heat energy of 21℃ air discharged from indoor pass through the heat exchanger, the 5℃ outdoor cold air is pre-heated to 17℃ fresh air and 
supplied to indoors, as shown above, when outdoor 5℃ air and indoor 21℃ air pass through the HRV, the fresh air supplied to indoors is about 17℃, the air conditioner only 
needs to heat the air by 4℃ to maintain a comfortable room temperature and fresh air. The temperature recovery efficiency in heating is 75% max, and enthalpy exchange efficiency is 63% max.
Product parameter
air flow m3/h
model High Middle Low
HKF-15B2EC 150 150 110
HKF-25B2EC 250 250 190
HKF-35B2EC 350 350 270
HKF-50B2EC 500 500 400
HKF-65B2EC 650 650 550
HKF-80B2EC 800 800 650
HKF-100B2EC 1000 1000 700
HKF-150B2EE 1500
HKF-200B2EE 2000
HKF-250B2EE 2500
HKF-300B2EE 3000
HKL-400B2EE 4000
HKL-500B2EE 5000

1: The Outdoor Unit is fixed on a plywood wooden pallet, protected by carton or plywood booard;
2: The Indoor Unit is packed by carton protected by shock absorptive material.

1.How to Get A Quick Quotation?
(1)Project Drawing, building layout, equipment BOQ.
(2)Project name:   building name or building type, such as xxx office project, residential house project etc.
(3)Expected shipping date of this project.
(4)Project type  : tender or self-owned.

2.What is your delivery time?
For the standard unit, about 35-40 days.
Welcome to send your requirement and we will contact you in 24h.
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