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Explore a Better Life with Gree in AWE 2024

On March 14, China Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2024 (AWE 2024) is held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Under the theme of “Gree, Creating a Better Life”. Gree built three better life experience zones of “Comfortable Life”, “Healthy Life” and “Convenient Life” and held diversified brand activities on site, including Strategy Launch Conference, Food Tasting: Gree Kitchen Appliances for Easy Cooking, Intelligent Home Appliances Promotion and so on, delivering the brand concept of “Gree, Creating a Better Life”.

New parameters for modern air conditioner shopping

Consideration of essential parameters is basic, the purchase of new parameters need to keep pace with the times. Air conditioners have been on the market for many years now, its basic functional parameters have been very mature, so air conditioning manufacturers are adding more new parameters to the air conditioning more updated features. In many new parameters, self-cleaning technology, high-speed cooling and heating technology, power-saving technology, intelligent sleep technology, anti-direct blowing technology and remote intelligent link technology stand out, and gradually become a new technology that everyone is very concerned about and happy to accept.

Air Conditioning System - Large Temperature Difference Air Conditioning System

1, conventional air-conditioning design of the inlet and outlet water temperature difference of 5 ℃, large temperature difference air-conditioning system refers to the inlet and outlet water temperature difference greater than 5 ℃ air-conditioning system.

2, chiller chilled water supply and return water design temperature difference is usually 5 ℃, the chiller provides cold water supply and return water temperature difference and flow rate of chilled water;

3, the formula is as follows: Q = M * Cp * △ T;

4, where the specific heat Cp is assumed to be a constant, if the required cold Q unchanged, the temperature difference △ T increased, the flow rate M reduced. This reduces the water flow, increase the water temperature difference (greater than 5 ℃) of the air conditioning system called large temperature difference air conditioning system.

Cases of urban ecological restoration Hefei Garden Project, Anhui Province

The project is located to the east of the former Luogang Airport runway in Hefei, with a total area of 323 hectares. Originally the site of the former Luogang Airport, the project was initiated in August 2022, with the complete preservation of the 3-kilometer-long airport runway, and the conversion of the original terminal into an urban construction pavilion by means of landscape topography remodeling, sponge city construction, and renewal of the existing buildings to build a green and shared urban park.

Best GREE 1.5 HP Air Conditioner Model Series

Gree air conditioning large 1.5 pi which model is the best to use, I think Gree YunTian, YunJin, YunShuOxygen, YunPei these four are very good models, but also Gree's best-selling series, the quality is very good, the configuration of the function is also complete, so it is recommended that you get!
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