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Giwee Carrier R32 ATW Heat Pump Water Heater

Refrigerant :R32
Capacity :5/8/10/12/14/16kw
Hydronic module :8kW/12kW/16kW
Heating, cooling and domestic hot water
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Product Description
Product Information
Heating, cooling and domestic hot water produced with a single system,domestic hot water could be used for floor heating and radiator too.

Wide Operation Range
Cooling operating temperature is up to 46℃
Heating operating temperature is down to - 28℃

Product Information
Based on Air to Water heat pump technology, it captures heat energy from the ambient air and transfers it to heat the water that is used to warm your home and supply domestic hot water , it can even cool your home as required. Compared to other technologies, up to 75% of the heat energy required is taken from the ambient air.

Hydronic Module Components

1: The Outdoor Unit is fixed on a plywood wooden pallet, protected by carton or plywood booard;
2: The Indoor Unit is packed by carton protected by shock absorptive material.

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