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what is gree gmv5 vrf with heat recovery


The term Heat Recovery VRF refers to the ability of a VRF system to control the amount of refrigerant flowing to each of the evaporators (indoor heating/cooling units).
This enables the Heat Recovery VRF system to achieve the following:

GMV5 Heat Recovery System embodies the excellent features of GMV5 ,Its energy efficiency is improved by 78% compared with conventional multi VRF.

How does Heat Recovery VRF work?

If an office space is being cooled, the Heat Recovery VRF provides simultaneous cooling and heating by transferring exhaust heat (or waste heat) from a zone being cooled
to a zone that requires heating. If an office space is being cooled, the excess energy being removed is transferred into a room that requires heating. Apply this to a whole floor
or even an entire building and Heat Recovery type VRF increases air conditioning efficiency greatly and can lower energy usage by up to 30%, and in some cases even more.
ow excess energy being removed is transferred into a room that requires heating. Apply this to a whole floor or even an entire building and Heat Recovery type VRF increases
air conditioning efficiency greatly and can lower energy usage by up to 30%, and in some cases even more.

To achieve this, a Hitachi Cooling & Heating Change Over Box or CH-Box is integrated into the Heat Recovery VRF system. CH-Boxes are made of valves that can direct the
right-temperature refrigerant to the indoor unit demanding it. In other terms, the CH-Boxes help coordinate the cooling or heating as required by the indoor units. When
selecting a CH-Box, low noise level in indoor spaces is a must, so our CH-Box can be located in strategic locations thanks to the piping design flexibility.  Also, their compact
size means that the aesthetics and finish of indoor spaces are not impacted.  
Hitachi CH-Boxes connect the outdoor and indoor units and come as a single-port type or multi-port 
type, with the latter ranging from 4, 8, and 16 ports. Having a selection of single and multi-port options makes it easier to tailor each project to the specifics of the building’s
architecture and layout, meaningless components for the installation, and less impact on interior aesthetics.   

GMV5 Heat Recovery System embodies the excellent features of GMV5