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abot air source heat pump dryer

The intelligent air source heat pump dryer is simple in structure, easy to install, suitable for installation in various environments, and can be customized and developed according to the size and drying capacity of the barn, and can meet the drying requirements of a variety of agricultural and sideline products.

The operation is simple, one person can operate multiple machines. The intelligent control screen can quickly set the temperature and humidity curve according to the process, can automatically and manually control the size of the air door, intelligently dehumidify and heat up, and APP remote monitoring to realize unattended


The sub-categories of primary industry agriculture include grains, tobacco, fruits and vegetables, edible fungi, flowers, tea, Chinese medicinal materials, and aquatic products

The application areas of the secondary industrial manufacturing industry involve printing, leather manufacturing, fireworks and firecracker manufacturing, and electroplating industries.

The tertiary industry involves the sludge treatment industry in hotel services and public facility management.

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