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Offer precision air conditioner

Precision air-conditioner is a high standard product combining most advantage power-saving technology and technology resource. This series product is safe, power-saving and green.
Application: Traditional solutin, mainly used in large Data center;

General Features
● Total cooling capacity: 25kW~300kW

● Power-saving and environment-friendly technology

● First class components make MatrixAir more stable

● 7 kinds of cooling types

● Many components can be replaced with different type according customer’s requirement

● Modular structure design eases the transportation 、installation and services

● Patent fan design can reduce 30% energy. The fan supports sinking deployment and non-sinking deployment

● R407 refrigerant, and also compatible with R22 refrigerant (low cost)

● Fluorine pump can save more than 50% energy by using nature cold source